You produce valuable fuels. But metals have to be not in there, but they are also valuable. And metals can be sold, in pure form or as concentrate.

With the metal separator (airless metal separator) of the type metal-kicker from AlRec-Tec can be reached thanks to low operating and acquisition costs, and the high ejecting capacity, very high payback rates. The metal separator can be amortized after a few months.

For the metal fractions you can (of course depending on metal prices and metal types) 800, - EUR achieve - to 950.


  • CIMG1062
  • CIMG1435
  • CIMG1438_MK1200_Relux
  • CIMG1440_Shredder_INPUT_Relux
  • CIMG1444_Produkt_Relux
  • CIMG1445_Produkt_Relux
  • CIMG1446_Produkt_Relux
  • CIMG1448_Produkt_Relux
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