Machine is ready for testing your products and when you are satisfied it can be sold! Build end 2012. That Metal-Kicker / metal separator is a machine to detect and kick out all kind of metals, with a larger grain size of 1 mm and from any kind of material stream.

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Applications could be, treatment of:

  • electronic scrap (WEEE)
  • ASR (automobile shredder residuals, heavy and light fraction)
  • plastics treatment, recycling
  • and much more

The Metal-Kicker can be used before ECS (Eddy Current System), behind ECS, before cutting mills, extruders, before and behind granulators, plastic side behind air tablen, as filter for metals, etc… The Metal-Kicker is equipped with very sensitive inductive sensors. All metals will be kicked out by our fast, effective, robust flaps / kickers. So, machine need no compressed air and therefore machine is very economical and compact and you have no further costs.


  • feeding width:              ca. 400 mm
  • length:                          ca. 2.500 mm
  • width total:                   ca. 600 mm
  • painting:                      RAL 5012
  • connected power:        ca. 3,5 KW
  • Throughput:                 200 kg / hour – 700 kg / hour depends on material and customers demand

Price for negotiation.

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