Our airless metal recovery system (metal separator) of type Metal-Kicker is very reasonable behind Hammel (red Gigant) or other twin shaft shredders like Metso or similar. With our airless metal separator "Metal-Kicker" it is possible you create a high valuable metal fraction with very low running costs! The Advantage, our metal separator "Metal Kicker" does not need any pre-treatment. Usually a Hammel has two magnets, a over belt magnet and a drum pulley magnet. These both catch the main of magnetic parts, but nothing else. By using a common technology like:

  • screen, bar sizer or similar (fractionizing of material into different sizes, is suitable while using of several discriminators)
  • air sifter (creating of light and heavy fraction, you have to use another technology after this)
  • ECS eddy current separator (you can earn only Aluminium and Copper, no stainless steel, only little cables, and the main you should screen the material before, otherwise you will lose a lot of metals. By the way, your metal fraction will be not clean too!)

you will create also just concentrates, means no clean metal fractions. So that means you will need a further treatment or you have to sell it to a floatation plant!

So do it simpler, just using our airless metal recovering system type „Metal Kicker“! Separate all kind of metals and sell it to floatation plant! You do not need any pre-treatment for this. You can get the money even for stainless steel, cables, Zink and all other metals which are in your material. Going this way, you save costs for transportation, treatment, investment and even running costs. Our largest machines have a connected power of 8 KW, that’s really all – promised!

By the way, when you thinking an airless recovery system (Metal-Kicker) is not strong enough to kick out large metal parts, look this video and decide for yourself! We can test your material on our demonstration machine too!


  • Eigl_Ausgangsmat_01
  • Eigl_Ausgangsmat_02
  • Trennergebniss_Metall_01
  • Trennergebniss_Metall_02
  • Trennergebniss_Metallfrei_01

Click on the pictures, than you can see details too.


Wet slag treatment, a kind treatment where only robust, strong and intelligent machines are usable.

Everyone knows from the outside those slag balls looking like icky, dirty debris. Inside, there are often many metallic inclusions. Often it is iron. While stainless steel parts normally are not into slag, those stainless steel pieces are almost clean. The reason is that stainless steel (stainless steel), does not rust, and therefore the slag cannot glue on those material ... For the sensor it doesn’t matter, is it a stainless steel part (VA) or mild steel part, enclosed by slag. All parts can be detected containing metal.

AlRec-Tec has now succeeded his metal-kicker (metal separator) to configure it so, that the signals from the steel particles are largely suppressed. So that it is possible to produce a very good VA concentrate.


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Dipl.Kfm.Antje Kornhuber

You produce valuable fuels. But metals have to be not in there, but they are also valuable. And metals can be sold, in pure form or as concentrate.

With the metal separator (airless metal separator) of the type metal-kicker from AlRec-Tec can be reached thanks to low operating and acquisition costs, and the high ejecting capacity, very high payback rates. The metal separator can be amortized after a few months.

For the metal fractions you can (of course depending on metal prices and metal types) 800, - EUR achieve - to 950.


  • CIMG1062
  • CIMG1435
  • CIMG1438_MK1200_Relux
  • CIMG1440_Shredder_INPUT_Relux
  • CIMG1444_Produkt_Relux
  • CIMG1445_Produkt_Relux
  • CIMG1446_Produkt_Relux
  • CIMG1448_Produkt_Relux

Using the metal separator (airless metal separator) of type metal kicker, you can kick out all kinds of metal from any kind of material / waste stream. To do this optimally,

AlRec-Tec has been on IFAT 2012

Thanks to our visitors.

The fair has been a great success for us. See the pictures from "Bayern Innovativ".

hall B3 / Stand 131 - 15



  • ifat-besucherandrang
  • metall-kicker-exponat
  • stand


Klick the picture to see details.


Your are interested in our system, you have you own ideas which you intend make true, but you have no idea where to get the components, no problem,

Colour-Kicker is a colour separation system (metal sorter, material sorter) which use differences by colour

Sorting, is always a compromise. The main point is at least one fraction as far as possible to

Here isn’t meant the usually pin ball machine, one-armed bandit, but a very high efficient,

Machine is ready for testing your products and when you are satisfied it can be sold! Build end 2012. That Metal-Kicker / metal separator is a machine to detect and kick out all kind of metals, with a larger grain size of 1 mm and from any kind of material stream.

  • CIMG2545
  • CIMG2549_Frei01kl
  • CIMG2551_kl
  • CIMG2855_frei
  • CIMG2856_frei

Applications could be, treatment of:

  • electronic scrap (WEEE)
  • ASR (automobile shredder residuals, heavy and light fraction)
  • plastics treatment, recycling
  • and much more

The Metal-Kicker can be used before ECS (Eddy Current System), behind ECS, before cutting mills, extruders, before and behind granulators, plastic side behind air tablen, as filter for metals, etc… The Metal-Kicker is equipped with very sensitive inductive sensors. All metals will be kicked out by our fast, effective, robust flaps / kickers. So, machine need no compressed air and therefore machine is very economical and compact and you have no further costs.


  • feeding width:              ca. 400 mm
  • length:                          ca. 2.500 mm
  • width total:                   ca. 600 mm
  • painting:                      RAL 5012
  • connected power:        ca. 3,5 KW
  • Throughput:                 200 kg / hour – 700 kg / hour depends on material and customers demand

Price for negotiation.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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